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Sodim Company - Welcome

Sodim Company - Welcome

The Metrology Specialist for the Tobacco Industry

Sodim is the cutting edge metrology specialist for the tobacco industry. At Sodim, both the theoretical and practical sides of measuring physical parameters are firmly rooted in proven science and combined with a commitment to applying state of-the-art technologies.
A testimony to its success is the fact that Sodim has over 350 customers worldwide who are among the most prestigious tobacco and paper product manufacturers.

Sodim offers a comprehensive range of sophisticated metrology instruments designed for measuring physical parameters.
Sodim has in-depth knowledge of all aspects of quality control, as well as a hands-on appreciation of operator interface requirements and how to present data in a clear format. We specialize in implementing and integrating the latest mechanical, electronic, computing know-how, including statistical methods and analysis.

Sodim delivers a varied portfolio of services.
R&D at Sodim is customer-driven so creating products that meet your feature and performance specifications. We can install your instruments on site, train your operators and technical staff, organize training seminars for specific instruments, as well as provide tailored maintenance packages. Our portfolio also includes comprehensive calibration services.